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Rainbow Bridge

They may have gone over the Rainbow Bridge, but all are still loved and missed.

Very sad to report yet another Leamedo over The Rainbow Bridge.
A lovely boy who brought his owners Mary & Russell Copland much joy over the years. Run Free Brodie, he had a good long life (17 years & 2 months)  you will always be missed. xxxx

'Brodie' Leamedo Made To Order
20/04/98 - 06/15

Sadly another beautiful boy has gone over the Rainbow Bridge. We at Leamedo are devestated that Fynn passed away in his sleep on the 2nd Sept. A truly sweet boy and a gentleman in Beardie clothes, we will all miss him so much.
I would like to say a big 'Thank You' to his owner Debbie Glasspool for the love she gave to her  'Fynnbear', he had a good life with Debs. Run free Fynn till we meet again! xxxx

Ch.Leamedo Weaver O'Dreams For Gildenmede - Fynn

                    01/08/2000 - 02/09/2014

Fynn will be over the rainbow bridge running around with his mum Chelsea, half sister Amy, daughter Islay & son Baxter and all the other relations. God bless you Fynn xxxx


Skye - Leamedo Love Potion  05/05/99 - 08/12/14

Lived a long and happy life with her owner Bev Hulse but at 15 1/2 years young time seemed to have run out for her.
Run Free Skye, no more pain. You are much missed by everyone. A special girl that was much loved by Bev & family.

'Amy' - Leamedo Laura Byding    (Gildenmede Gilt Edged At Leamedo x Potterdale Presley)

Sadly our move proved too much for our beautiful Amy. We had to let her go yesterday as she wasn't fighting any longer, giving up must have been very hard for our little fighter. We were privileged to have bred and had her live with us for so long. Mother and Grandmother of some beautiful kids/grandchildren. We will miss this girl so much. Always in our hearts. Run Free Amy, your mum & relatives wait for you. Goodnight my darling girl. xxxx

05/05/99 - 25/10/14

Photo of Amy taken in June 2014

'HARRY'  -   LEAMEDO DAILY MALE  30/01/03 - 18/12/13

Dam: Leamedo Laura Byding    Sire: Ch.Potterdale Prophet

Another lovely boy has left us , a super boy that was so loved by his owner Julie Watson and dreadfully missed.


I am very proud to have been Harry's breeder and am heart sore at his fairly young passing with stage 3 kidney failure. Run free Harry, you are with the rest of your family now. xxx

We are proud of each and every one of these lovely dogs.

                                    30/01/2003 - 27/10/2012
                                    Leamedo Sultan Of Swing

'Angus' who passed away yesterday of liver failure. Run free Angus, your mum & dad will miss you very much, we have many lovely photo's of you and will never forget you for the lovely character you were.

                           Leamedo Live's The Dream - Islay
                               24/12/06 - 07/07/10
 Our lovely Islay, taken from us far too young. Loved and missed always.

                Gildenmede Gilt Edged At Leamedo 
                      22/08/95 - 24/05/07
           Chelsea, another that was taken to soon.

            Leamedo Lady O'The Knight
              Misty 23/02/97 - 23/02/12
                Misty on Dec.11th 2011

                       Gildenmede Music O'The Knight 
                        Maddie 28/02/94 - 10/02/10

                             Leamedo Taylor Made
                          Tyler 20/04/98 - 07/10/11

                          Leamedo Legacy O'Love
                          Jasper 23/02/97 - 2010

                   Leamedo Maid By Design
                      Jazz 20/04/98 - 2010